Sunday, October 31, 2010

so totally worth breaking my 'break' rules

yeah, so i was taking a break from blogging to rest the hand, but...

...rules were meant to be broken. right? well at least bent, guys.

so i'm blogging about a really cool ya contest.

check it out at writer's digest guide to literary agents.

oh, and cross your fingers and send the good luck vibes my way!

Friday, October 22, 2010

: (

due to myofascial something and carpal tunnel flare up, not blogging until it's better.

Friday, October 8, 2010

the beast of it

the beast of it, the best of it. well my beast got better, thanks to a good writing buddy.
i like the plot element suggestions. so huge thanks  to my favorite idiot out there!

Monday, October 4, 2010

christmas in october

just like santa, g put a present under the tree a.k.a. inbox.
ye seek and ye shall find (more work, but i'm looking forward to it).
thanks, g!

write now is a beast

yes, i meant write now, because my WIP is a beast. i'm back to hashing out my ya paranormal beast of burden. i shelved it for a while. i needed to get a clear mind and then revisit it. and let's just say i've been revisiting it day and night for some weeks.

a nice chap is beta reading it currently and offering some great suggestions. can't wait until he's gotten to the end. this is like waiting for christmas morning to come.

Friday, October 1, 2010

when it's good as gold

when is a writer's job ever done?

likely never. i'm told to view the world through my writer eyes. i should carry a journal, write tidbits of juicy good stuff i see while i drive, when i wait in line for lunch or coffee, or when i watch the news.

i've been bad (no surprise, have you seen my track record?). i don't carry a journal per se. but sometimes i find a bit of paper and scratch something out. sometimes i sit down at the computer screen and my hands freeze. sometimes i tell myself i'll just remember this and make it a damn fine story some other time and rarely do.

and when i finally do find something to write about-- i mean something i really want to write about, i wonder when is that work done? it has a beginning, middle and end, right? so it must be done.

but then again there is no end... to the incessant editing and reediting.  and when i finally think it's done, it's not.

a friend of mine said before you submit, your work needs to be good as gold, and i think he was right.
i'm waiting for gold paint to go on sale at the hardware store.