Saturday, September 11, 2010

I write like...

try this site out for shiggles.

the proof is in the pudding, so here's mine for the same of skin games: the con way. i gave it up unti pickin', and they said i write like the bard:
i went back and pasted a different part of con and it still came back shakespeare. 

i gave them some of settin' the woods on fire  and it came back as jack london.

i gave it sea serpent and it spit out cory doctorow

i've got an identity crisis.


  1. Heh... I tried some sections from a book you know well... I ended up with:

    JRR Tolkien
    Jonathan Swift
    Frank Baum
    Bram Stoker

    All from the same book. Lord alone knows what _that_ means... :-?

    The Idiot

  2. lol. isn't it fun and crazy all at the same time?
    gee, maybe peter jackson can make a trilogy of blockbusters out of your book(s) and you can reap the millions!!!!

  3. Maybe it just shows I'm lacking consistency... :-).

    Did you get what I sent on Setting the Woods on Fire and are you still talking to me? :-) I rather liked it.. apart from the maths... :-).


  4. ... and' Road like a river' is, apparently, Mark Twain :-).

    The Idiot