Monday, August 23, 2010

more shark bait

needing a reason to write, since i've had no ideas lately, i entered another janet reid contest.
no lofty expectations on this one, but it was still effective at being fun.
you can read all the entries at the link below.

here is mine:

Andy never saw The Shark so behind the eight ball. "What can I do you for, doll?"

"Heinous," she whimpered, dotting her cheek with a tissue. "All of them... blown to smithereens. What will my minions and I eat?"

Andy shoved back a glass of corn, wishing the dame would close her head, so he could grease his own gears. He knew of one goon sinister enough to pull off blowin' up all the bakeries, forever ridding the planet of sweet delicious cupcakes. Last Andy heard Vordak, his nemesis, was holed up in his parents' basement in Trenton, New Jersey.

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