Wednesday, August 18, 2010

parker's back: short story by flannery o'connor

this story is a hoot. the characters are just that--characters. they are memorable in their backwoods, stubborn way, o.e. parker with his myriad of tattoos his "vanity of vanities," and his tough wife who refuses to appreciate them, let alone give them a look. you should check it out. i found this story in esquire's big book of fiction at the dsm public library.

another interesting connection i had to this story was that the mc's full name is obadiah elihue parker, but he prefers to be called parker. at worst call him o.e., but he never wants to tell anyone his real name. this tidbit brought a smile to my face reminding me of my late grandpa arnold. oral eldon arnold. call him arnold or arnie, at worst o.e., but don't you dare call him by his real name...

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