Thursday, August 19, 2010

thank you, sharky!

i want to thank janet reid for giving me a little writing exercise. you had to use the following five words in a brief short: stake, honeywagon, Fairbank, flaws, pivotal.
it was so much fun. it was a--brief--continuation to my short skin games: the con way, but from red's pov.

here is mine:

His biggest mistake: trusting her. The fact a guy named Con was swindled... irony at its best.

Naomi barreled down i-40 in the Cheyenne. She'd stolen three-grand and hotwired his "honeywagon" while Con was fast asleep.

So she'd goldbricked him. It was fair bank. But he sure was cute--dimples, fallow curls. Naomi couldn't get her mind off those hazel eyes.

Somewhere near Tulsa, Naomi realized their one night stand was a pivotal fork in the road to her heart. Turning around, she'd fallen victim to her hugest of flaws: an addiction to cowboys in painted-on Wranglers. Resistance was futile.

go to janet reid's blog at the bottom of the page, and you can read all about it, as well as the others'.

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